Looking for good massages with an English speaking therapist?

Body Treat welcomes international clients and its professional body and foot therapy services are for both men and women. The therapist, Yoko hopes to support all her clients to keep them healthy so that they can enjoy their lives more in Japan.


Meet the therapist

Yoko is a freelance therapist with over a decade of experience in massage therapy. She first learned about therapeutic massage in a spa school in Bali, Indonesia. After completing the course with a diploma, she continued to study in Singapore and Tokyo to acquire more technical skills and deepen her knowledge. Using a combination of techniques that she learned, she leads her clients to their better lives with pain and stress- free.


  • Lymphatic Activation Association certified therapist
  • Acquired Herbal Professional Aesthetician certificate in Singapore
  • Completed Spa Therapist Training course Jamu Spa School Bali


In her free time, she enjoys yoga, drinking wine with her husband and playing with her loving dog Ciel, the miniature schnauzer.